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Modernist Fashion Runway Show

September 12, 2013
Private event – the hottest fashion show of the season with the latest designers
sept 12,  2013
Neiman Marcus, Newport Beach, CA | http://neimanmarcus.com

I just attended a fabulous fashion runway show. I love to go to fashion shows. I think, for just about any woman, seeing all the beauty, designs, details, and the dramatic theatrical manner in which everything is presented at a runway show is the same as being a kid in a candy store .

It was a perfect, sunny, California afternoon. The clock struck twelve, and there, on the stage, appeared Michaele Hall, the public relations director of  the Neiman Marcus department store in Newport Beach. All of us in the crowd knew that we would be presented with an afternoon full of color, beauty, delight, and perfection.

Michaele started educating us in the latest fashion trend for this fall 2013: motorcycle jackets. Yes, the hottest trend of this fall season is having a motorcycle jacket. Hall emphasized that you can wear it with almost everything, during the day or evening, with the choice of dressing it down or making it look fancy – you can even wear it over an evening gown. She then added that this fall, shoes are very pointed, lips are red, and jewelry pieces are large, plenty, and sort of heavy. Hall advised that you are allowed to wear your jacket or your coat thrown over your shoulder for added style.

Following the description of the latest trend, the models started to come out, one by one, beautiful and in sync with what they were wearing. The movements of their bodies were like poetry in motion while making a fashion statement through the forms and the colors of what they had on. Minimalistic lines could be seen, used in designing the heavier coats and jackets, while all the fabrics used in making the garments were in complete harmony with their design. Feminine and sensual textures could be seen repeated on every model. As one model would come out and step onto the stage, another would step out and disappear from the stage. There were many times that I could not help but gasp, for my breath was taken away with amazement watching those fashion highlights of the show.

I especially liked the jewelry worn by the models. They were bold and daring, like their very job on a woman was to courageously make a statement, especially on the tall, slender models with their hair pulled back in a bun.

I loved the shoes for this fall. Shoes are not what they used to be. Now they are all beautifully designed and crafted pieces of sculptures. They are art at your feet.

Altogether, I thought this runway fashion show was quite informative, telling us women that in this fall of 2013, we definitely have plenty of choices to go with. Looking at everything that the models on the runway were presenting, you could see that we are given plenty of tools as women to express a vision of ourselves in the way our heart desires.

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