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The Ten Best Books I Have Read from the New York Times Best Sellers List in 2012

December 12, 2012

I have been a New York Times newspaper subscriber for years now. Even though I read mostly on the Internet and even though I actually live in California, having a paper delivered to your home and flipping through the pages of it while having a cup of coffee or while on your stationary bike is a very special, relaxing feeling. When I pick up the paper, the first thing I check is the list of New York Times Best Sellers books, and I usually pick what I am going to read next from this list. I learn a little bit about the books from the short description they put next to the title of each book. I always read non-fiction only. When I was younger, I would read fiction, but as I got older, it was like I wanted to bite into something solid. Fiction books did not interest me anymore, for I no longer believed them, similar to someone who is grown up and no longer believes in Santa Claus. Usually, when I start reading a book, I create a relationship with that book and its author. Some of the books can take my breath away and fascinate me so much that right before I finish one of them, I run and get another one by the same author and I read and read and read until I am done with all of that author’s books and move onto to the next author. This year, I fell in love with Nora Ephron’s books. Right after that, I fell in love with Macolm Gladwell’s books. I can’t help it; they are all so wonderful.

Below are the ten best books I have read from the New York Times Best Sellers list in 2012.

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