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Ralph Rucci’s Paintings on Exhibit

December 28, 2012

Rucci’s creative work synthesizes his interest in both expressionist and minimalist tendencies of post-war and contemporary art. His paintings, which often incorporate fabric collage, have a distinctive Japanese-inspired aesthetic.  The results are often large-scale works that are simultaneously imposing and understated, with a delicately defined and unmistakable presence.

For the man who said he would be a psychiatrist if he were not designing clothes, creating art — or “channeling,” as he calls it — is his preferred psychological release.  While he likens his artistic process and the catharsis of creation to a great therapy session, Rucci says that painting is different and purer than fashion design because he allows himself “to be taken and fed into the canvas.”  As he describes it, “I discovered fashion as an artistic medium. Later in life, my trap door opened, and I found my ability as a painter – a fine artist – to be an extension of my psychiatric work.  This is my future – melding the two arts.”

Serge Sorokko Gallery Press Release for Ralph Rucci

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