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Quantum Physics: The Reality As You Know It Does Not Exist

February 25, 2012

It’s a sunny California afternoon. I am sitting on our large, white comfy sofa, putting up my feet on the coffee table and sipping from my mug of tea. I am Skyping with my friend, Sara, who just moved from Los Angeles to New York. We are chatting about quantum physics. Nowadays, I am just crazy about and obsessed with reading and learning about this amazing dimension of science.

Here is how our conversation progressed:

Me: You know, Sara, I always said, ‘Life is like a very large supermarket,’ and we are all given a shopping cart to push around from this aisle to another… The aisles are never-ending. Even if we get to be 100 years old and if we think that we have already walked every aisle and have already picked up everything there is on the shelves of this supermarket and stuffed them in our carts, then that’s exactly where we are wrong. Look at me now. I have just started to walk on this aisle of the importance of science to better understand spirituality. You know, since the last time we talked, I have read everything I could about quantum physics. Now, I am just reading this book, Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics.

Sara: How do you like it?

Me: I am half way done with it; not fished yet, but I am just so fascinated by what I am reading.

Sara:  I watched the video you emailed me. It’s so amazing, but at the same time, hard to grasp.

Me: You kind of unfold it layer by layer, like an onion. I think as you learn and grasp more of it, the whole concept of time, death, universe, religion and being changes for you.

Sara: Probably different people grasp it and understand it at different levels. So much of it is also if you have a science background.

Me: But yet so much of what I read makes sense to me, especially the aspects of it that correspond with spirituality. It’s like I had suspected it all along… well, somehow.

Sara: By the way, how is the weather there, anyway?

Me: Sunny, of course… and how is the weather there in New York?

Sara: It just started to rain few minutes ago.

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