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The Way I See It: Looking Up at the Sky

October 10, 2019

Looking up at the sky, standing by the ocean, looking down from the window of an airplane at the landscape beneath – all this gives us a “wow” kind of feeling. It is sort of an awakening, which makes us re-evaluate the perspectives of our lives from a different dimension. It makes us tune up and make adjustments to our points of view. 

The way I look at it is the same as when I go through my closet to sort out and to throw away items that are old and of no use or benefit to me anymore, just to create room for the new. I would make a mental list of what I am keeping and what I would be tossing. I would try to always make my own decisions then live with its consequences, regardless of who says what, for I would rather make a mistake that is my own than someone else’s. I never make a decision when I don’t feel good about it myself. I don’t even let those who are close to me and mean well confuse me with what they think is best for me. So often, the ones we love, out of their own fears, will hold us back. In this case, I would try not to doubt myself, to always listen to myself first, knowing that my purpose in life is not to please every one and make them happy. Only they themselves can make their own selves happy.

I would try to be a wonderful angel when I am assigned to do an angel job.  I believe that we all get our share from heaven to be an angel for an hour or for a day, and when our assignment comes to us, we better get to work and do a good job at it.

I would try not to cast my pearls among swines — to always truly feel good about who I am, to have joy and not to get frazzled — because in life we reflect ourselves as who we really think we are. Our jobs, our friends, our children, our lives, whom we love and also how we let the ones we love treat us are reflections of who we think we are. We mirror ourselves to the things and the people around us.

I would try to never give up on my dreams, for sometimes even at the very later stages of your life, wonderful new adventures and new doors open for us. Dreams can come true at any age. Life can start at 80.

I would try to understand that it is important to let go of even the best times in our lives, but still cherish the memories, once they no longer fit into our lives. Successful transition is to move in and out of different phases of lives with ease. If you do each phase right in your life, then it will be easy to move forward because you have been fed, and you are not hungry, and you are not trying to make up for something missing in your life. I would try to enjoy every phase of my life, not to rush it, and let it take its natural course. Only then can I move on to the next phase painlessly, for I know that if I hold onto one phase too long, it could get rotten like a piece of apple. I would try to always respect my age. There is nothing more elegant than an older woman who respects her age and is enjoying it and being the best she can be at that age. Our lives have seasons — spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

I would try to cherish and enjoy my life’s journey. I won’t rush it and won’t compare it to someone else’s life journey. I won’t bully my fate, destiny, or the universe. Sometimes, rather than setting my goals, I would let the universe set them for me, so I can just kick back, go with the flow, and go for the ride. There is so much pleasure even in small details of life, like reading a book, watching a movie, developing friendships, making crafts, etc. I want to enjoy every aspect of my life every day. If something big comes along, that is great too, but it will have to be brought to me by the universe and not by me fretting and worrying over it. It’s like when you are standing on the shore by the ocean. The waves come to you — you can’t possibly go and fetch the waves, for they are under the control of a higher force.

I would try  to not to listen to those that chronically complain, but only listen to those who have a genuine complaint. I would try not to solve or become involved with others’ imaginary or self-created problems. After all, many people don’t want their problems solved. Some don’t even want real answers. Some don’t even listen. Some just want to be heard.

I would try never trade my morals for my goals or make someone wrong in order to make myself right. I would try to be kind, especially to the ones who are kind to me. I would try not to let others control me, not let any one rush me, and not to rush myself through life — always take my time and not hurry. I would try to let go of old topics, remove energy drains, let go of negative feelings.

I would try and try. The list goes on and on and on…

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