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The Way I See It: Sweet Life

September 2, 2019

Life is not all white; life is not all black. Life is black and white with some gray shades in the middle.

Today is a beautiful bright day. On a day like this, you want to grow your garden, you want to weed your garden, and you want to plant plenty of seeds. You want to say, “No more dried out twigs,” and you want to have patience for the seeds to grow. You want to have tolerance to stand the emptiness of a bare garden until all the seeds turn into beautiful plants.

You want to plan ahead what kind of garden you want to grow, and you want to think of what kind of a gardener you want to be. On a day like this, you want to remove all the dead ugly trees that are obstructing your view. You want to make your garden into a small heaven and be understanding of the days which are dark and cloudy, with the possibility of rain and thunderstorms. Knowing the fact that every day can not be a beautiful day, you want to be appreciative of the beautiful sunny days. You want to nurture yourself so you are like a strong tree in this forest of life. You want to be aware of the very fact that when you go in the forest, you can hammer away at the big strong trees, and they won’t budge. They stay strong and healthy, regardless of what you do to them. The brittle, dried up, diseased trees just fall over with the very slightest touch or push. They fall down and splinter into many pieces of dead wood. In life, it all comes down to what you want in your garden or what you want in your forest.  Do you want dead trees or dead weeds? Or do you want beautiful flowers and healthy tall trees?

You want to live your life enjoying every day and if there ever are any sad days,  you still want to do your best at recovering as quick as possible after feeling the sadness and pick up life back and continue to enjoy all that it has to offer. You want to be true to who you are,  live and act and talk and move, exactly according to that. 

Some times it’s hard to be who you are because other people resent anyone who is different. Some people feel unsafe when they can’t categorize or figure you out right away, and they are only comfortable with what is familiar to them. No matter what, however, you want to stay true to yourself, and you want to let other people be whom they are in exchange for them allowing you to be who you are. You want to allow others to let you show them the real wonderful you, for it would be awful if you try to be what other people want you to be; it would be a waste. Lastly and most importantly, you want to say yes to all the goodies in life. You want to take life like a perfect red apple, bite into it hard, keep chewing on it. As you are enjoying every bite of it and all the sweetness of it, you want to still be aware of how and when to spit any rotten part of it out. People are so afraid of the goodies of life. People are afraid of “too much” of anything. Perhaps it is okay to eat too many candies. Maybe it is okay to laugh too much, to eat and drink too much, to smoke too much, as long as you know your limits and when to stop before it becomes destructive. You don’t want to walk around painfully craving something so much. Instead, you want to fill up that empty hole in your soul and then go back to a normal healthy place within yourself.

You want to live passionately, smile, laugh, and enjoy all the small simple things as well as large important things in life. You want to look beautiful, no matter how old you get, even if you are 100-years-old. You want to be the most beautiful 100-year-old woman around. You want to smell wonderful, and you want to dress wonderfully, no matter how simply. You want to always look your best even if you’re just mowing the grass.

You want to continue dreaming. You want to plant a seed of a wish or a goal, ask God for encouragement and courage, and then go back to being calm and relaxed, not attached to the goal and yet still desiring it and working diligently towards it. That is when what you desired comes to you. It generally does not come to you when you are too emotional or when you are in turmoil about it.

You want to always be dreaming, hoping, and wishing endlessly, yet have the understanding that this sweet life given to us as a precious gift is not all white. Life is not all black. Life is black and white with some gray shades in the middle.

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