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The Story of Tory Burch – My Thoughts on It

January 9, 2013

This past Friday night, I went out to dinner. When I had returned home and was driving into my garage,  it was really dark and I could not see well. I bumped my car into the side frame of our garage door, got stuck, and could not go backward or forward. From fear of causing more damage to my car, I put my car on brake,  got out of the car, and examined the damage, like a very expert surgeon examining a broken limb so that she can come up with the right treatment plan. Finally, with a lot of slow back and forth movements, I was able to get out of that terrible damaging situation. I got into the garage, parked my car, and went to get the largest flashlight I could find in the house. I shed light to the side of the car to see the extent of the damage done to the body of my car. It looked really bad, but I was still an optimist and figured a lot of it could be just the layers of the paint from the garage’s door that had rubbed off onto the side of my car. Oh, what a sad,  terrible feeling it is when you hit your car which you take so much pride in keeping so meticulously shiny and beautiful at all times. I thought to myself, “I could not possibly drive around like that. It’s like a beautiful woman walking around with an ugly, oozing zit on her face. No… I have to get up early in the morning to take my car to this fancy car spa in Newport Beach. I have to ask for the most expensive car wash treatment and see if they can take the damage  out and correct everything.”

tory-burchIn the morning, at 8 a.m. sharp, I was there in the car spa, with my coffee and iPad in my hand. While waiting for the car to be worked on, I was watching the morning news program on their TV. They were talking about Tory Burch, the famous fashion designer, and how she has been sued by her ex-husband and what a great lump sum of money he would get out of their settlement. The news mentioned the fact that they had started the business not too long ago together, but the company is already worth over 3 billion dollars. As I sat on my chair, sipping on my coffee, I began to read about her on my iPad. Tory Burch was born in Pennsylvania to a wealthy parents, went to the University of Pennsylvania, married a real estate tycoon, got divorced and then married Burch, an investor in internet capital firms, whom she recently divorced. She only started her fashion line business  in 2004. I thought to myself, “Wow. What an impressive story. How do these people do it? How does it happen? Is it being a genius?  Is it being at the right time and at the right place? Is it just confronting a great opportunity? Is it luck? Is it fate and destiny? Could something like that really happen to this extent and level any where else aside from our America or at any other time as much as now? What is the real factor that makes something like that really happen? I admire these people greatly and, at the same time, I am amazed by them, at how everything lines up in the universe for them so they can achieve their purpose. Would we ever know how things work in the universe?”

Right then, as I was lost in thought, the car wash personnel called me over to come and get my car. It was all ready to go. And, wow, the scar on the side of the body of my beautiful car was all gone. Is it not a complete miracle?! “Oh, my God. Good job,” I said. “Thanks a lot.” As I drove off, I smiled to the two car wash people who were looking and smiling at me as I went on my way.




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