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Making Art Like No One is Looking

September 20, 2010

Finally we made time to make it to the San Diego Contemporary Art Museum. On our way, we stopped in Carlsbad to buy flowers from the flower market and to have lunch by the ocean in the Fisherman’s Cafe. Afterward, we were driving and driving and then, boom!, we were right there in front of the museum. It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon. The sun was shining all around us with just a few light blue happy clouds floating in the sky. Oh! It’s so nice to get away from the things you know, you predict, you control, from which you find comfort, and to which you are attached. It’s so nice to be surprised with some unpredictable, refreshing art. We entered the museum and walked around the art exhibits. How exciting it was for me to be here, to look at the art of these extraordinary, brave artists who created all these works of art, putting so much of their heart and soul in them. I am so impressed by their art because they were not trying to be impressive. Every other art seems to be man made, seems to be well-behaved, predictable and polite. But these works of art… Well, in the end, I think the best way I can describe it is that the artists, they created these works as though no one was looking. Check it out and see for yourself; see if you agree with me.

Jul 18, 2010–Jan 02, 2011 at MCASD Downtown, Jacobs Building


A multifaceted exhibition that explores the dialogue between artists and the urban landscape, Viva la Revolución: A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape features works both in the Museum’s galleries as well as at public sites throughout downtown San Diego.

The exhibition includes a diverse range of 20 artists from 10 countries that are linked together by how their work addresses urban issues — Akay (Sweden), Banksy (U.K.), Blu (Italy), Mark Bradford (U.S.), William Cordova (U.S.), Date Farmers (U.S.), Stephan Doitschinoff [CALMA] (Brazil), Dr. Lakra (Mexico), Dzine (Puerto Rico), David Ellis (U.S.), FAILE (Canada), Shepard Fairey (U.S.), Invader (France), JR (France), Barry McGee (U.S.), Ryan McGinness (U.S.), Moris (Mexico), Os Gemeos (Brazil), Swoon (U.S.), and Vhils (Portugal).

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