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The Way I See It: 2016 – Practicing Empathy

January 12, 2016

When I woke up, the page had already turned to a new chapter, just to give us all the opportunity to start from a new beginning, with all refreshed hopes, wishes, and dreams. I understand that to grab anew, we have to have our hands free and empty of the old. Everything which is meant to be will be.  It will call us by our name and it will walk towards us. Everything continuously begins and ends; everything new will happen in its own accord, like the sun, which comes up every morning as though it has no choice.

Every year, I stay awake for the strike of the clock to twelve midnight so I can formally welcome and celebrate the new year, but this year was the only year that I was just too tired and couldn’t keep my eyes open. I fell sleep, but apparently the universe did not really need me, for when I opened my eyes, it was already 2016.

Every year, I also enter all my resolutions, whether they are emotional, financial,  physical, or spiritual, into a brown-covered small note book with beige colored pages. I have already filled up all its pages with my past resolutions, hopes, and promises to myself. Every year, I say to myself, This year is the year of ____. For example, this year I told myself that 2016, for me, would be the year of empathy.  After all, maybe when we have empathy, then we have a means to strengthen our understanding muscles. When we understand more deeply we, can also forgive more easily, whether it be oneself or others. Then we can empty our hearts of anger and hurts and make plenty of room for love and joy. I said to myself, That would definitely be my special task to practice this year.

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