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2014: My Thoughts on It

January 19, 2014

I would take every phase of my life, which I am going through slowly, deal with it – bad or good, and once it’s done, just smoothly make a transition to the next phase and to the next chapter of my life. I’d realize that it’s not healthy to hang onto a phase or a memory in the past for too long, for everything in life is changing its form and shape through time, and if I resist the flow of this change, then that means I am getting myself stuck in a rut. Therefore, I should easily let go of today and yesterday, for it’s the only way the story of my life can unfold and new doors can be opened to new adventures.

I would not hang onto the comfort zone of what is conveniently familiar. Instead, I would try to be in harmony with the universe and believe that we all have a purpose and a calling when we come into this world. We all set goals for ourselves, but at the same time, the universe also has already set goals and has a certain plan for us. We just have to follow its footsteps, dance with it, bend and flex, as not to break. That’s the only way we avoid being broken – if we can be flexible.

I would try to let go of the old, expired negative issues in my life, replacing them with new hopes and positive plans. I would try to think that everything in the end works for the best, even if at times it does not seem so. I would try to find good in everything and in everyone. I would forgive myself and others for not being perfect. I would not expect too much from my fate, the universe, and people. Once I am given something, I would consider it as a great gift to me.

I would try to be grateful for everything that I have and not to play the underdog. I would try not to be a complainer. So many times, I see people who just enjoy to complain. They are not even looking for an answer or a solution. At times, it seems like they love hearing themselves complain. These individuals have probably even identified with their problems, and by talking about it, they just feed their problems further and make them even larger than they already are. They play at being a victim, always making someone else wrong in order for them to be right.

I would try to welcome any opportunely that the universe would give me to be an angel, even if it’s for only a day or an hour. I am always in the envy of the people who are put in the position to give tremendously to others, for I am well aware that giving brings a certain healing joy, which is incomparable to any other kind of joy we experience in our lives.

I would try to have joy at all times and not allow things or people to frazzle and confuse me by telling me what is best for me. I will make my own decisions and would be responsible for whatever consequences come with each one. I know it’s much better to make a mistake that is my own and learn from it than to follow someone else’s idea as for what is best for me.

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