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The Train of Life: My Thoughts on It

August 20, 2013

mahvash-mossaed Sometimes, I think of life as a vast railway station. We occupants of planet Earth are standing in organized rows, each holding a ticket for a different destination, each a prisoner of his or her own destiny. Some of us have first class tickets, some ride coach, others only get to ride in the cargo cars. Some of us start in coach, and then switch to cargo. Some start in cargo, but have a transfer ticket and switch to first class midway through their journey. When you board the train, you sit in your assigned seat and settle into the journey. Sometimes, a new passenger boards the train and takes the seat next to you. It is inevitable that you and your fellow traveller will become familiar and intimate. Unfortunately, sometimes, just when you are getting attached to him, the train stops and he gets up hurriedly and says goodbye, for this is his station, and he doesn’t want to miss it. Sometimes, you look back sorrowfully at him, with teary eyes and an aching heart, watching his shadow disappear down the platform as the train pulls away. Then there are the rare times when a passenger sits down next to you, and you realize in amazement that you both have the same kind of ticket to the same destination. With joy and pleasure, you realize this person is the one with whom you will share your entire journey, as long as it takes.Other times, sharing just part of your journey with a fellow passenger is enough, and you simply appreciate the moments you spent together. And when it is time for you to part, you peacefully continue on your way, looking straight ahead as the scenery comes towards you.

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