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The Magic of A’maree’s

March 17, 2013

There are things, places, and people that are simply magical. You probably have a few of them in your list. This can be said about A’maree’s, a fashion boutique on West Coast Highway in Newport Beach that is run by sisters Dawn Klohs, Denise Schaefer, and Apryl Schaefer. It is not just a couture fashion place, but it is also a place where fashion becomes art and is presented visually in the most magnificent way.

Upon meeting Dawn and Denise, I felt that they were so real, so down to earth. They invited me to come in. We all sat around a large square table. There was warmth in the room,  and we were surrounded by beautiful objects – candles, fruits, pottery dishes, handmade jewelry. I sipped on my mineral water as I listened to Dawn talk. As I was listening to her, I was thinking to myself, Oh my, she is an artist. Actually, all three sisters are – Dawn and her siblings. Their talent resides in having a good eye for detecting the beauty, practicality, and dependability of the garments and objects they pick for their store and in understanding what we women in southern California really need. We talked about how their store has been around since the seventies and how their mother managed it before she retired and let her 3 daughters take over. They told me how when they were young, their mother took them everywhere with her, and that is how they got their share of hands-on training in how to run the store. She taught them the art of appreciating details and beauty in things. Dawn told me the story of how when she and her sisters were younger, they used to hide things that they thought were not beautiful. She laughed whole-heartedly and went on to tell me how passionate they all feel about the store and how they want everyone who comes in to feel at ease, welcomed and part of the A’maree’s store family. They believe the store is all about good service. What they present in their  store is all about comfort, quality, and practicality, as well as high fashion – the things that cooperate and respond to every woman’s personality and lifestyle in any kind of occasion.

Walking around the store, I thought to myself, Wow. Even the building and the space itself is a work of art, like a postcard you would send back to your loved ones while on a trip in Newport Beach, California. The building has a very high ceiling and large windows that invite and welcome the bright sun to come in while showing the magnificent view of the ocean and sail boats. It’s as if it was all from a beautiful painting. Every item in the store is so amazing too. All their products are beautifully chosen pieces. They have rugs, furniture, art objects, jewelry, shoes, and hand bags. The store certainly and rightfully is the jewel of all the fashion boutiques of Orange County, California. With their good taste, the sisters got all the garments displayed and arranged much like paintings. Everything is arranged as though you have walked into an art gallery, or better yet, a heaven for women who want to be effortlessly chic – New York chic with the comfort aspects of Newport Beach style combined.

Ladies, we don’t have to fly to Paris, London, or New York to shop anymore, for A’maree’s  has brought it all here to us.

A’maree’s is located at 2241 West Coast Highway, Newport Beach, CA 92663. A’Maree’s Sale Away is located at 332 Marine Avenue, Balboa Island, CA 92662. For more details, see their website at http://www.amarees.com.

Images by Mahvash Mossaed

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