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LA Art Show 2013

January 27, 2013
The LA Art Show, now in its 18th year, is the longest running platform for contemporary, modern, historic and traditional fine art in the country. The 2012 show hosted more than 100 prominent galleries and attracted more than 50,000 visitors with its ‘Fair-within-a-Fair’ concept featuring distinct sections catering to diverse collecting genres. In essence, the LA Art Show is three distinct art shows under one roof: The Modern & Contemporary SectionThe Historic & Traditional Contemporary Section & The Los Angeles IFPDA Fine Print Fairhave all been honed with the collector in mind.

The 2013 LA Art Show is proud to participate in Art Weekend LA, and is currently in full swing this weekend only at The Los Angeles Convention Center. For detailed show information, previews, and discounted tickets to visit The LA Art Show this weekend, visit www.laartshow.com

I finally made the effort and drove all the way, about over an hour, to get to the Los Angeles Convention Center to visit the 2013 LA Art Show, as I do every year. This time, however, I was kind of disappointed, and I don’t know if the whole thing was worth making the effort and the trip.

I think that this year, the standard and the quality of the art shown there has somehow really gone down. I could not see anything outstanding, anything new, or anything fresh there. Of course, there were a lot of copies and imitations of good original well-known art.  There were a lot of frame shop type of art, a lot of prints, and the kind of art that made me feel as though I could as well have been walking in our neighborhood street art fair.  I walked around the aisles and aisles and aisles of the art show and checked out different gallery booths, but not even once did I feel the urgency that I wanted to stop by any of these booths and get involved,  examine, and or be curious about any of the art shown there. I saw nothing really haunting, touching, memorable, or amazing.

Finally exhausted from walking around, we sat down in the resting area, with chairs and tables covered with white table cloths, to have refreshments. We were so exhausted that we pretty much collapsed there just resting and chatting about the art we had seen. My friend, who accompanied me to the show, mentioned something interesting. He said, “You know how they say good art is the kind of art which grows on you? It’s like we have now been sitting here for a while, and I have been looking at these few pieces of art hanging around me, and I’m looking at them again and again, but I tell you, for sure they did not grow on me. Actually, right now, they give me the feeling that one more glance at them, and I absolutely can not take it any more. Yes, let’s get up leave this scene and start to walk around again.”

Given all I have said above, I should still add that there were a few pieces of good art and good galleries that I liked, namely: Gallery G-77 showing the work of  Galina Bleikh and Elena Serebryakova; Mambo, “more fun,” acrylic on paper, 22 × 30, courtesy of Watanabe Gallery.

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