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Welcoming Art Collectors

June 5, 2012

An avid art collector, David, had already bought some of my art for his Malibu home. Now his son had just graduated from university, and David had bought him a bachelor’s pad as a graduation gift. He wanted to give the place to his son completely furnished. He asked if he could come and spend some time looking through everything I had in a very relaxed atmosphere and pick up a few pieces of art. Art collectors love to have private viewings. Once they are ready to make serious and very large purchases, they become very excited, for its a very special time to them. Most certainly, that day, I wanted to make David and his companions feel very special too. I wanted to offer them something simple as treat. I thought of serving them champagne and cupcakes for the occasion. I also wanted to make my offerings visually as beautiful as the art I was showing them. That is how I came up with my presentation of my simple bottle of champagne, cupcakes, and fresh flowers, pictured above.

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