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Bugatti Veyron, Designed by Bijan

June 9, 2013

I love cars. I always visit car shows, and I always want to know about every detail that went into making the visual aesthetic of a car. I think each type of car has a certain character and personality, just like people do. Some come into this world to be hard workers – to give good service and carry a heavy load, like a truck. Some cars are reasonable and practical, like a station wagon. Finally, some cars are complete divas, born to be astonishingly beautiful and luxurious and live in the lap of luxury – in this case, like a Bugatti.

Bugatti is the Greta Garbo of cars, always hiding deep behind and in the midst of a certain mystery, unattainable and therefore, desired by everyone. When you see a Bugatti, it is as though there is this invisible red rope around it to say,  “Do not get close. This is only for the privileged and the elite.” That, alone, makes everyone want to so badly be privileged and elite. 

Parked in front of his store on Rodeo Drive, which is known for being the most expensive store in the world, is Bijan’s yellow and black Bugatti Veyron, designed by Bijan himself, “the designer to the kings, presidents and the A-list celebrities.” With the estimated price of $1.7 million, it is considered one of the fastest and most expensive versions of Bugatti car production in the world. It is sporty yet luxurious and magnificent, and, of course, Bijan’s trademark signature and logo can be found on various spots inside and outside of the car itself. A beautiful, majestic museum-worthy piece of art, this car is a shining star. It is even a tourist attraction on Rodeo Drive as well as in Hollywood. Frankly, this magnificent piece of art, parked in front of Bijan’s famous boutique every day, makes all the other hugely expensive cars parked on the same street seem to be almost invisible.

On a personal note: Bijan, having been a personal friend, a mentor, and a collector of my paintings for many years now, has always been such a force and such a source of inspiration in my creative life. He is a great man with a great legacy.

Read more about Bijan: http://www.bijan.com

Read more about the Bugatti: http://www.bugatti.com/en/home.html

Read Bijan’s personal letter to me.

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