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Tracy Murdock Design & Management

November 13, 2012

“When having it all is not enough…” I completely understand this, and I admire the women who have it all but still strive and reach for more. When you think about it, there is no greater joy than strengthening your wings so you can fly higher and higher. There is a certain sense of pride and pleasure when you are reaching heights that you never thought you could reach, and you are certain that you are only there because you tried, you took the challenges, you took the chances, you did the work. You stuck with it, you tried hard and made it possible, and really, just having it all cannot feel as good as this feels.

I have known of the beautiful, strong, intelligent, and very talented Tracy Murdock for years and years now, from the time when she was this very beautiful model married to my friend, the designer, Bijan, whom I adored and admired for years. In the mid-nineties, Bijan was exhibiting my paintings in the windows of his New York and Beverly Hills showrooms. It was during that time that I came to know of Tracy, when Bijan commissioned me to do a portrait of him and his then model wife. I used the color yellow, which Bijan loved very much and which had quite an attractive contrast with Tracy’s long, straight black hair. The painting looked great. Bijan and Tracy loved it, and I was proud and happy that they did.

I have been following Tracy’s life and career since those days, and I know that she has been designing the interiors of the houses of LA’s celebrities and business elites for years. I also know that she was on HGTV’s designer’s challenge, and her work has appeared in so many design books and publications. I’ve always like her sometimes classic, sometimes contemporary, but always quite dramatic work. They remind me of my paintings; like me, she loves colors. There is a sense of warmth in how personal she is in her arrangements and her choices of objects. She is brave, strong and daring; her designs are pleasant and, at the same time, very sophisticated .

I was happy for her when I found her work published in several interior design magazines and when I saw that she just recently was selected winner of Architectural Digest Magazine’s open auditions. Now, here I say to her, “Wow. Go girl,” for I always I cheer for the women who have it all and still strive for more and try to reach their full potential.

Tracy Murdock Design & Management, 22631 Pacific Coast Highway #470, Malibu, California 90265. http://tracymurdock.com/

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